3 Reasons To Build Your Family Home

by Pam on January 13, 2017

Moving home is possibly the biggest financial decision a family will make. Most people look at the market for their next property, but, what if you decided to build a family home instead? Not convinced? Here are some reasons you should give it a shot:

Can Often Be Cheaper Than Buying

There are many cases where building a family home works out a lot cheaper than buying one. Especially if you own some land and know people that have built homes before. In this scenario, you’d be crazy not to build a house as it would be so much more affordable. Plus, you get more control over how much things cost when you build a home. Buying one means you pay what someone else tells you to. Then, you pay fees for surveyors and solicitors, and even a realtor too. Everything adds up, and it’s not under your control. However, when you build, you can find the most affordable contractors and haggle a price. You can also use affordable materials to drop the costs down lower. More importantly, you have no need for a large estate agent or solicitor fees at all. So, if your family wants to move house and save money, then building one may be the cheaper option.

You Get Exactly What You Want

It’s very rare that you’ll come across a property that has every tiny thing you could possibly wish for. Most of the time, the property you buy will have a couple of things you wish it didn’t have and a couple of things you wish it did have. However, when you build your family home, you get to design everything. It will have everything you want from it, and be a total dream property. This level of customization is even greater thanks to the rise in modular homes where you can design each room and get it built separately. The benefit of this isn’t just that you’re totally happy with your family home. It also has the financial benefit of bringing greater value for money. You get more use and enjoyment out of your home when it’s designed for you. Nothing goes to waste, unlike buying a home where you might not make the most out of it.

You’re The First Owners

Generally speaking, being the first owner of anything feels good. You get something brand new that no one else has touched before. With regards to your new family home, this can have many benefits aside from feeling cool. For one, if no one else has lived in the house you won’t have to worry about them leaving their mark here and there. Buying a house means you buy something someone else owned. They could’ve left marks on walls or tiny things here and there that remind someone else lived there before you. What this means is that you will spend more money turning getting rid of anything the previous owners left. You may need new wallpaper, new flooring, or to fix structural problems. When you’re the first owner of a new-build house, you have none of this to worry about.
As you can see, building a family home has many plus points both financially and for your family in general.

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