3 Things You Should Know About Buying Bulk

by Pam on May 11, 2009

For the most part, buying bulk saves you money.   However, consider these 3 tips before buyng bulk:

1. Don’t buy bulk if you have to use debt to purchase it.  There’s no point in racking up credit card debt in order to buy bulk.  Although the products may be cheaper, the amount of interest you will pay on your debt will outweigh the money you saved in the first place.

 2. Compare prices.  Buying bulk does not always save you money. Sometimes you actually pay more when you buy bulk.  For instance, I noticed that when Kleenex goes on sale, it is often cheaper to buy individual boxes rather than the 6 packs.   Toothpaste, too, seems to be cheaper when purchased individually.  Don’t be deceived – buying bulk isn’t always cheaper.

 3. You may subconsciously overuse the products you buy in bulk.  Interestingly, research studies have shown that people who buy bulk products are more likely to overuse them.  I discovered that I am guilty of that.  I bought a 3 pack of shaving gel the other day and found myself using it way more liberally than if I had just bought one bottle.  I also noticed that when I buy large packages of frozen fruit to make smoothies, I use a lot of fruit, but if I buy the small packages, I am more conscious about how much I am using.  So, if purchasing products in bulk, it is best to be conscious and not overuse the products, otherwise the savings is lost due to overuse.

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