3 Things You Should Know About Credit Card Bills

by Pam on April 10, 2009

 To save money, there a few things you should know about your credit card bills:

 1.  If you have credit card debt, pay your credit card bill more than once a month.  If you get paid weekly, then pay part of your payment every week, and if you get paid biweekly, pay it down every 2 weeks.  By doing this, you will significantly reduce the amount of interest you pay.

 2.  Another thing you can do to save money when carrying credit card debt is to pay your bill as soon as you receive it because although you won’t be charged interest on your most recent purchases, you are still being charged interest on your previous debt.  The sooner you make your payment, the more money you save on interest.

 3.  Pay your credit card bills online as it ensures your payments will be made on time.  If you can’t pay them online, make sure that you do not write any notes on your bill or it will more than likely be passed on to another department.  This paper shuffle could result in a late payment and you don’t want that!  Also, be sure to write legibly because if the company can’t read your writing they have an excuse to delay the processing of your payment, which may result in late fees and interest charges.

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