4 Mind Blowing Ways You Can Save Money On Energy Bills

by Pam on September 16, 2015

energy savings at homeWant to save money on energy bills? Check out these four tips below!

Be Eco-Friendly

A good way to save on energy bills is to be more eco-friendly. Instead of using normal light bulbs, switch to eco-friendly ones. These bulbs will require less power, so you’ll be using a lot less energy. Also, think about getting solar panels for your house. If you have these, then you can not only save money but make a bit back too! Solar panels generate energy from the sun – which is free. So, you won’t need to pay for any solar energy you’re creating. This means you won’t be paying as much on your energy bills. But, you can actually sell electricity back to the National Grid too!

Be Efficient

Efficiency is a great way to save money, but not a lot of people do it. My tip is to only use as much energy as you need. Think about your house as a human body. When you’re doing an everyday task, you only use as much energy as it takes. Then, once you’ve finished, you don’t carry on using up the same energy, do you? It’s the same with a house. If you’re watching TV then yeah, fine, you’ll be using electricity. But, as soon as you finish, there’s no need to have the TV on anymore. Turn it off standby so you aren’t wasting electricity. Another thing people do is leave their radiators on all the time. If it’s not cold, you don’t need it on. Similarly, if no one is in the bathroom, is there any need to have the radiator on? Turn the radiator’s off in rooms where no one is in.

Compare Prices

This next tip is so simple it’s a mystery why some people don’t already do it. When you’re looking for an energy provider, you should always compare energy prices. This can help you save a tonne of money over the course of a year. If you’re just looking at one provider and seeing their price, how do you know it’s the cheapest?! There could be another one that’s a good £10 cheaper every month. For any money savvy person, price comparison is one of the first things you do. And like I said, it’s so simple to do. It will probably take you a few minutes and you could save hundreds of pounds.

Insulate Your Home

One of the main ways you can waste money is by having the heating on. But, if your house is genuinely cold, what choice do you have? My tip is to make sure your house is properly insulated. Get loft and wall insulation to stop heat escaping your house. Also, get some carpet or rugs laid down to trap heat in rooms. Curtains are also a very good idea for keeping heat in a room. Of course, make sure your windows are good at insulating too. You don’t want shabby windows that leak heat! If your home is insulated, it will be warmer, which means less need to use energy by turning on the central heating.

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