5 Common Home Inspection Issues That Can Prevent The Sale Of Your Home

by Leon on January 14, 2013

home inspection tipsAre you preparing to put your house on the market? If so, it will take a lot more than a good house cleaning and coat of paint to make it appealing to potential buyers. As a matter of fact, it’s a good idea to do a thorough inspection of your home so that you can take care of whatever could keep you from making a sale. So, what are some common home inspection issues that can prevent the sale of your home from transpiring? We have five main things for you to look out for below:

Check the roof and the floor. Replacing a roof on a house is somewhat of an expensive project and so if people notice that it’s time to get a new one or that the gutters are weak, that can definitely deter them from wanting to place an offer on your house. Also, if there is border damage along the foundation of your home, signs of insect infestation or rotting wood, those can be deterrents too.

Check the air and heating system. These days, it’s pretty hard to sell a house that doesn’t have any central air and heat. However, what can be almost as difficult is if your system is close to needing to be replaced (the standard is about every 10 years). Someone looking at the home can easily see the date of the last unit and to pay a couple of thousand dollars to get a new one is probably not what many people are willing to do.

Check windows and doors. As more and more individuals are becoming eco-friendly, with that comes the awareness that windows and doors play a significant role in how much money is spent on energy on a monthly basis. A lot of people prefer double-pane windows and you definitely want to make sure that there are no signs of dry rot around the window and door frames. Also, the screen doors need to be (relatively) new and all of the locks need to work.

Check the septic system. One of the jobs that no one really wants to deal with is the septic system, yet it must be done. If the ground feels spongy, if you are continually having slow drainage, if there’s ground depression or a continual odor that resembles human waste that can keep people from wanting to live in your house, for sure. Also, you need to check your water system (including your water features) if you have a well and either way, make sure to see if your water heater is in good condition.

Check your landscape (including your driveway). We saved this for last, but certainly not because it’s not a top priority. When checking out a house that’s on the market, the first impression tends to last the longest. So, make sure to have your house professionally landscaped and inspect your driveway too. Look for signs of deterioration like if the pavement is not in sound condition or you see signs of the underground pipes leaking. If the yard looks right, you are well on your way to getting potential buyers into your front door.

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