5 Creative Ways To Use Chalk

by Pam on April 24, 2009

While reading Reader’s Digest’s Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things, I found some neat ways you can use chalk to solve problems around your home. Chalk is yet another example of an inexpensive product that has so many practical uses!

1. You can cover up watermarks or scuff marks on your ceiling as a temporary fix until you have time to do a proper repair job.

2. Put a few pieces of chalk in your toolbox and it will get rid of moisture, preventing your tools from rusting.

3. Rub chalk on nasty grease stains on your clothing and the chalk will absorb the oil. Sometimes you have to rub it on more than once for the stain to be removed.

4. If you have ants in your home or garden, crush up some chalk and sprinkle it around your plants and around the entry points into your home. Ants don’t like calcium carbonate so they will stay away.

5. You can help prevent tarnishing of your silverware and jewelry by putting a few pieces of chalk into your drawer and jewelry box.

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