5 Effective Ways To Save On Medical Care And Health Insurance

by Leon on August 13, 2014

how to lower your costs for medical careIf there’s one thing that all of us need, especially now, it’s health insurance. However, being that this is still a time when unemployment rates are high and budgets are tight, it’s important to find the kind of medical care and health insurance that’s good but also very affordable.

If this is the dilemma that you currently find yourself in, you’ll be glad to know that there are actually several effective ways to save when it comes to your healthcare needs. If you’re interested in knowing what some of those ways are, please keep reading.

Shop around for the best coverage. By far, one of the best ways to get a good rate on health care insurance is to shop around. This will help you to see what each company has to offer. Do keep in mind that if you’re wiling to pay a higher deductible, you can end up paying a lower premium. This is good to know if you’re someone who is in good health and doesn’t see the doctor often (other than for your annual check-up).

Ask your doctor for their advice. If you have a doctor that you’re comfortable with, keep in mind that they are not just there to provide medical assistance. They can also offer some really valuable advice. Say for example, you are expecting a baby, it’s your first time and you want to have a natural birth. By asking them their thoughts on your plans, they can refer you to a specific hospital, a good OB/GYN and perhaps even a pediatrician that fits well into our budget.

Do some negotiating. Oftentimes, when the subject of price negotiating comes up, it’s in reference to buying something like a car. However, this is something that you can also do when it comes to getting a lower rate on medical care as well. If after doing a bit of research, you discover that one hospital charges more than another for the exact same care, speak with the billing department to see if you can get a lower rate. It also doesn’t hurt to ask the billing department if you are eligible for a discount for making on-time payments on your bills as well.

Make lots of inquiries. There’s a pretty good chance that when it comes to the topic of medical care and health care insurance that you have lots of questions. Well, when it comes to getting answers to common health insurance questions, don’t be shy about asking as many questions as possible. Some of them should include if you actually need all of the services that are being recommended to you, if you can get generic forms of medication and what each hospital in your area’s Medicare rates are. You might be surprised how much you can save by not automatically accepting what you’re being told at face value.

Go to a clinic for minor things. Thankfully, not everything is a medical emergency. So, when it comes to minor things like the flu or an ear infection, forego seeing your doctor (and definitely avoid going to the emergency room) and opt for a clinic at a local drugstore like CVS instead. It’s cheaper and it’s usually significantly quicker too.

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