5 Essential Money Saving Tips For Nurses

by Leon on December 3, 2013

tips for nursesAs a nurse, saving money is important, but it can be hard to know what some of the more essential money saving tips are. When you are a nurse, not only is going through training expensive, but so is purchasing text books, nursing applications, hospital parking permits and scrubs. When it comes down to it, it seems like the list is endless. However, there are numerous ways to remain frugal, so that you can put yourself through nursing school on a dime and so you can do your best at your job. As a nurse, worrying about the little expenses can get in the way of being the best care taker you can be to your patients. Here are five essential money saving tips for nurses.

Take courses online. Online courses can be vastly more affordable than going to an actual classroom. These days, getting your CNA certification is easier than ever and taking classes online is much more convenient than other means of getting the nursing education you need. Going to class everyday also incurs other costs to, like fuel and parking permit expenses – all of which can add up, so it is important to cut these costs where you can.

Use e-books instead of purchasing textbooks. When you are a nurse, not only do you need textbooks while you train to become a nurse, but you also need a number of other books when you are working at a hospital or healthcare facility. Books include materials on the basics of nursing and educational materials on different diagnoses and various medications. However, downloading these books on your personal computer or smart phone is vastly less expensive.

Carpool to work or take public transportation. When you have your certification, getting to work can be expensive if you take your vehicle. These days, owning a vehicle is expensive. For instance, you have insurance costs, and also a slew of other expenses that can cost a tremendous amount of money each month. However, if you join forces with a few other nurses, you could start a carpooling program. If you have excellent public transportation in your city, you could also take the subway or bus to work, which can also save money.

Purchase used or wholesale scrubs. When you are a nurse, you will be going through nurse scrubs like paper towels. You may start to wonder if there is a more cost effective way to purchase scrubs. Well, there is a more cost effective way – purchase scrubs at an online or discount retailer. Also, you may be able to find a retailer that sells partly used scrubs to nurses who are on a budget. Saving money on scrubs can be a great way to keep all of your overall costs down.

Live with roommates. Sharing your living expenses can be a great way to keep costs down, and maybe save money. With student loans and an entry level nursing position at a hospital or clinic, there is a good chance that you can’t afford to live on your own. However, if you get a couple of your closest friends together, getting a nice place to live can be affordable and fun.

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