5 Family Activities That Often Cost More Than They Should

by Pam on April 6, 2017

Have you ever reached for your wallet Monday morning to find it was emptied over the weekend? Having fun with your family or just doing some shopping can often become more expensive than we intended it to be. This can make money management really difficult. It can also leave you with a cash deficit that leaves you red-faced! Here are five occasions when you might run out of cash:

Theme Park

You’ve probably worked out the ticket costs for entry. The family ticket was definitely a saving! You might have calculated the fuel cost to get there in the car too. Chances are you’ve put a few dollars aside for a meal out but been frugal enough to pack a couple of snacks for the journey. So why on earth did your wallet become empty? Souvenirs and extra rides, the cotton candy, and the sweater because it’s cold? All these things and more drain your cash quickly. The best thing to do is to budget carefully based on previous experience and stick to it!


Any shopping trip with the family can lead to extra purchases by the time you arrive at the till. Sales shopping, in particular, can become one of the most expensive family activities you can do! Fortunately, there are plenty of savings opportunities. Start by sticking to discounted items only. You can find things like Coupon Sherpa’s newest Bealls coupons online to help you focus your purchases. This can help you choose items to buy that you need instead of being led toward products and purchases you didn’t intend to buy.


Any educational excursion provides many benefits. You might feel they are worth the extra cost. Like the theme park, a trip to a museum has two purposes. For you, the kids will learn something new, and you’ll have quality time with them. For the museum, they will collect cash to fund research, preservation, and new displays. Don’t be fooled – they want your money. You may find you are paying for expensive coffees, overpriced snacks, souvenirs, and coin operated activities.


No matter how hard you try, you’re going to forget something and need to buy it from an expensive beach-front outlet. Make your list the night before. After you’ve slept on it, you might remember one or two things that weren’t on it. Pack everything! Coats for rain, baby wipes for sandy feet and fingers, and lots of water. Your car might look like an Aladdin’s cave by the time you’ve found space for it all, but it could save you a fortune.

Dinner Out

Kids will want dessert. Chances are they’ll want an adult meal instead of something from the cheaper kids’ menu. But the real cost adds up when you’ve had a drink. This is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, but it loosens your inhibitions. You’ll be ordering starters, sides, desserts, and more drinks before you know it. Check the menu before you arrive so you can see just how much you might end up spending. This will help you budget a little more realistically for a good meal out.

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