5 Low Cost And High Impact Bathroom Updates

by Leon on July 10, 2013

bathroom renovations for lessBathrooms are spaces in your home that need to be not only attractively designed but also efficient and practical. Often we would like to make changes and style upgrades in our bathrooms, but our budgets cannot handle large, expensive upgrade projects. Here are 5 ways to save money while achieving the high-impact look you are looking for in your bathroom space.

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to jazz up your bathroom space. The beauty of bathrooms is that they are often small spaces so they are great areas in which you can try new ideas and experiment. Choose a refreshing color that suits the decor you desire in your bathroom. Also, consider painting cabinets or towel closets to give them a fresh, new face instead of having to replace them completely.

Changing out the fixtures and hardware in your bathroom can also bring a modern, stylish look to your bathroom. Consider stainless steel knobs for cabinets and any drawers. These can be easily installed with a screwdriver and are inexpensive to purchase at a hardware or home improvement store. Also, look into purchasing a sleek new sink faucet or an upgraded showerhead. Some showerheads come in different styles such as a rain showerhead, or pulsating options. In addition, changing out the doorknob to the bathroom on both sides can add a great first impression.

Choosing new light fixtures can make your bathroom seem bigger and lighter. Also, it can be more flattering to your complexion in the mirror! Using good, quality lighting can brighten up a space tremendously. In addition, it will add to the design of your space. You can choose from a variety of styles such as hanging pendants, recessed lights, or wall-fixated lighting. These are available in all kinds of shapes, styles, designs, patterns and colors so that you can truly make your space unique to your particular style and tastes.

Ditch the dingy, dated mirror with Hollywood bulbs. These are often tacky, unflattering, and old. Instead, choose a fresh, clean new mirror to fix on the wall over the sink. You may choose to recess the mirror as a cabinet in the wall that can open and close. Also, mirrors sometimes come with fun engraved designs on them, or you can keep it simple with a basic, clean-cut mirror that will open up your space.

Add your own touch. Incorporating decorations that make your space unique will definitely help make an impact. Purchase a new shower curtain with either a fun pattern or a simple color that works with your wall color. Also, buy coordinating hand and bath towels as well as a shower mat for a full effect. You can also choose wall decor such as a small, framed picture or piece of artwork.

Making an impact in your bathroom with unique, inexpensive design choices can enhance your space. Once you have your quality, standard fixtures installed such as an efficient Saniflo toilet or a Kohler sink, you can still make your space pop further with inexpensive improvements that will be sure to impress.


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Dane Love July 13, 2013 at 8:12 am

Wall tile outside of the shower may not always be considered in a bathroom design. Tiling the walls, however, can help create a unique and space enhancing effect.

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