5 Super Stingy Money Saving Tips

by Guest on January 9, 2012

With this recession biting hard, there are plenty of money saving tips and personal finance type articles around the place – but what if “eating out less” and “walking more” just isn’t enough for you? If you want to be a money saving queen (or king) you need to dig deeper.

Here are 5 seriously tightfisted money savers for people just like you:

Trim Your Christmas Gift List

Some people feel like they have to buy Christmas gifts for every cousin and their kids – this really isn’t true though. Rather than wasting money on cheap presents which will probably not be missed anyway, why not downsize your gift list, spend a little extra on the ones that matter and pocket the difference?

Save Dryer Lint

There are plenty of ways to use the lint that collects in your tumble dryer – if you can think of such a use then save your lint and save money. Here are some suggestions; Fire starters, restuffing old teddies, making home-made cushions, nesting material for your pet hamster…

Grey Water

This is pretty extreme, but every time you flush the toilet you are using perfectly good clean water, when you tip away dirty water constantly throughout the day. Save old bath water and washing up water and you will be doing your bit for the environment and saving money at the same time!

Water it Down

Drinking strong drinks is a good way to get through your cordial quickly. Try adding a little water to your cordial bottles and still only use the same amount when making a drink – you will soon start getting used to the drinks being weaker and you will spend a lot less on cordial.

You can even do this with milk if you want to, this takes a bit of experimentation though, you need to be careful not to overdo it, since ruining a bottle of milk and having to throw it out is a waste of money and the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

Avoid Ironing

The iron uses a lot of energy for a task that when you think about it is actually pretty pointless. If you get into the habit of hanging your clothes immediately, rather than leaving them in the ironing basket most garments will be okay to wear when you need them. Just save the iron for when you really need it.

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This post was written by Mark from CurrencyConverter who loves to write about personal finance and inventive ways to save money. Thanks for reading.

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