5 Things I Did To Prepare For My Job Interview

by Pam on November 2, 2011

I recently had a job interview that fortunately reaped good results.  I got the job I wanted!   Below are five things I did to prepare for this interview.

1. I didn’t take this interview opportunity for granted.  I realized how hard it is to actually get the opportunity for an interview and I wanted to make the most of it.  I had sent out so many resumes and I never heard from most of the companies I had submitted them to, so I knew this interview opportunity should not be taken lightly.

2.  I researched the company.  Specifically, I looked at the company’s vision, mission, and goals, as stated on their website.  I also studied the products and services it offered so I could get familiar with the company and its culture.  The key is to determine what is most important to the company so that you will know how to answer their interview questions.  Doing the research also helps you to anticipate the type of questions you will likely be asked.

3.  I took advantage of free online job interview resources.  There are so many great websites on the Internet that provide examples of common interview questions as well as many behavioral interview questions, and so on.  I compiled a list of several practice questions and then went over them.  I came up with an arsenal of many examples from my past experiences to help me to answer the questions.   The key here was for me to think about what I did that was outstanding during my previous employment and then think of ways to express my achievements.

4. I practiced, and practiced, and practiced some more.   After doing a lot of prep work on my own, I had my husband act as my interviewer.  He interviewed me several times and we treated this as a real interview.  He then gave me feedback on how I could improve and after every roleplay I got better and more confident.  I also found it helpful looking in the mirror while answering questions.  That way I could see myself when I was making strange faces while talking, or I would notice if I was fidgeting.

5.  I bought a business suit.  Now this one may not be practical for everyone, but for me, I think it was a good idea.  By showing up in a business suit, I not only looked professional, but I also felt more professional.  I could tell by the look on my interviewer’s face that I had made a good first impression, and I owe part of that to what I was wearing.   I even did some roleplaying with my husband while wearing this suit.

After all the preparation, it was such a relief to find out that they wanted to offer me the job.  All the hard work had paid off.

What are some tips that worked well for you at a job interview?

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