5 Tips For Selling Your Home

by Pam on June 15, 2017

Are you thinking of selling your house? Have you been itching to move for a while but didn’t trust the market to stay stable? The property market isn’t all doom and gloom, and even in a seemingly dismal market, people will always be upping, moving and buying houses. If you are looking to increase the value or sell quickly, here are five more tips to add on to our previous post, to make it all that much easier.

Make first impressions count

Most buyers form their first impressions of a house within seconds of walking through the door. Be sure to spend some time tidying up the garden and outside of the house – plant flowers, trim bushes, cut back trees, weed, repaint the front door and make sure your outside furniture is looking attractive and smart. If you have a path, make sure it is swept clean and looks tidy, and if you have a lawn, make sure it has been mowed before people come to view.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter doesn’t sell homes as it makes them seem smaller than they really are, and disorganized. Take some time to remove as much junk as you can, without leaving the rooms bear.

Choose the right estate agent

Selling a house is stressful enough already, without a dodgy estate agent in the mix too. You will want to choose an agent with proven marketing skills, as well as good track record and reviews. Look online and research various local agents, and ask your friends for their personal recommendations. This site helps with saving you money when buying and selling your house, so remember that you can play hardball and negotiate when it comes to fees. If you want multiple agents to take on your home, be aware that you will likely end up paying out more than one fee, no matter who sells your property at the end.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors won’t put any buyer off, but bold colors and feature walls might. Potential buyers walking through your home will be able to plan to put their own stamp on the house without having to remove yours first. If necessary, paint the whole of your home white – although this may feel like a lot of work, it will be worth it in the end. Remember that white also has the ability to make your whole house feel bigger, so there’s an added bonus to the added work.

Spring clean

Cleanliness and tidiness should never be underestimated when it comes to selling your home, so clean each room from top to bottom. In rooms which people will be taking particular interest in, such as the bathroom and kitchen, make sure surfaces are cleaned and focus on floors, too. A sparkling floor will instantly lift the room and make it seem bigger and brighter. A proper clean will also make your home smell fresh and appealing, but be aware that the smell of bleach isn’t that great – so try to air your home out before people arrive.

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