5 Tips To Help Yo Save Money On Medical Expenses

by Leon on February 2, 2013

ways to lower medical expensesRegardless of how well you organize your life, how prepared you are for every contingency and how well maintained your finances, unexpected medical issues can arise and mess everything up. Medical problems are never pleasant, and obviously you need to focus on getting yourself well before worrying about the expenses. But at some point those bills will become due, and whether you have health insurance or not these costs could be just as crippling as the medical issue itself. Luckily there are ways to manage these bills and hopefully come out financially whole on the other side. Here are five tips to help you save money on medical expenses.

First off, consider negotiating with your doctor. Although you might never have thought about this before, the price your doctor’s office gives you isn’t set in stone. If you do not have health insurance there is even more leeway for pricing adjustments, as you will be paying the office directly. They don’t have to take the time to submit paperwork and wait for payment from the insurance provider. Make sure you mention your requirements to the nurse in charge when you book your appointment, and then take the time to sit with them and discuss possibilities before you pay in full.

If the price your regular doctor wants to charge isn’t workable for you even after negotiating you might want to think about going to a clinic. If you need specialized help this may not be the best choice, but clinics can easily handle checkups, immunizations and other general needs, and will be able to do it either inexpensively or completely for free. Look for clinics that are subsidized by the U.S. Government to make sure you can save as much as possible.

Depending on your financial situation you might want to rethink the frequency of your visits. You always want to make sure you get your yearly check-up, but otherwise you might be able to forgo doctor’s visits. Ask your service provider before you go down this road, but the next time you are sick and it isn’t serious, try a home remedy before heading to the doctor’s office.

True problems arise when you have a chronic condition that requires regular medication. The cost of prescriptions is often one of the biggest expenses for senior citizens, and can end up putting people in serious financial trouble. So always look for generic versions of a medicine you are prescribed, which will regularly be much cheaper. Look into prescription cards that give you consistent discounts, and don’t be afraid to ask the pharmaceutical company itself for payment plan options if you are in dire need.

Finally, don’t forget that the best way to save money on medical expenses is through preventative care. That’s not only making sure you get to regular appointments, but also taking the time to focus on exercise and proper nutrition. Perhaps instead of paying for an expensive headache treatment Fort Collins Medical Center provides you could see the problem solved through yoga and meditation. You won’t know until you try, and many of the regular ailments people struggle with can be prevented or even cured through holistic means. Make that a focus and you’ll find your bills shrinking.

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