5 Tips To Help You Make The Most Money From A Garage Sale

by Leon on May 17, 2013

garage sale tipsThere are a few reasons why people decide to host a garage sale. They may be moving and they don’t want to have to pack and haul all their stuff with them. Or maybe they’ve simply grown tired of all the boxes of unused stuff in their garage and they’d like to clear them out so they can once again use the space for its intended purpose: parking the car. On the other hand, they might just be in need of some extra cash. No matter why people have garage sales, though, all are seeking the same outcome – they want to make as much money as possible while getting rid of the items they no longer use.

So if you’ve got a garage sale on the horizon and you want to do everything you can to ensure a fruitful experience, here are some tips that are sure to get the goods gone and the money in your hand.

Advertise wisely. Knowing how and where to advertise for a garage sale is the biggest part of attracting buyers. After all, you don’t stand to sell much if nobody knows you’re having a sale. So put an ad on Craigslist, advertise in your local paper, and hang brightly-colored signs and balloons at the busiest nearby intersections to ensure that people know a sale is happening. And don’t forget to include major items for sale in your ads as a way to entice people seeking specific purchases.

Price to sell. Although you might think your old couch or TV is worth a pretty penny, the truth is that they’re used goods. And while you no longer see the stains or the dead pixels, people buying these items are sure to see the worst in them. The thing you have to ask yourself is how badly you want these items gone. If you’re willing to keep them in your garage for another year in order to get a set price, then by all means mark them high. But if what you really want is some extra space, a few bucks in your pocket, and someone to haul your trash away for you, then it’s in your best interest to price low and take the best offer.

Include a few big-ticket items. While there are certainly people who attend garage sales as a way to kill an afternoon, and others will buy any old piece of junk so long as it’s cheap, the majority of people who pick through garage sales are hunting for something specific. They may want furniture, jewelry, sports memorabilia, or designer clothing, or they might be on the lookout for a set of dishes and silverware for their first apartment. The point is that you can use these desirable items to your advantage. They’ll draw in a crowd that may then be enticed into buying other items that they didn’t even know they were looking for.

Hit all demographics. If you have items for women, men, and children at your garage sale you might actually have a better chance of selling. For one thing, you’ll have something to sell anyone who shows up, and you’ll likely sell a variety of goods to families. But you can also advertise your sale to every demographic, meaning more people are likely to show up to begin with. So if you need a more diverse display, invite a neighbor or two to set up tables – you might all benefit in the process.

Get your haggle on. You might think your best bet is to simply adhere to the sticker price, but this is a major no-no. When people go on a yard sale search they’re not expecting a retail environment where the prices are set. The atmosphere should be more like an eastern bazaar. This means you’re going to have to haggle. On the upside, it also means you can set your prices a little high and likely still get just what you want for the items you’re selling.

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