5 Ways To Cut Restaurant Startup Costs

by Leon on November 16, 2013

tips for brand new restaurant ownersThere are a lot of people who dream of running their own business. Oh, but it’s one thing to dream, it’s another thing to make it a reality. And so, if you happen to be someone who has always wanted to have your own restaurant and you’re currently in the process of opening its doors, let us be the first ones to say “congratulations”. That is definitely an awesome achievement. And also a huge responsibility.

So while you’re running around getting all of the final things in place, we wanted to provide you with some ways that you can cut your startup costs. That way, you can spend your time enjoying your profits rather than worrying about incurring debt.

Have some energy-efficient items in your restaurant. Something that you definitely want to stay on top of is your energy bills and there are several ways to do that. For one thing, look for appliances that have an Energy Star label on them. Have automatic faucets and low-flow toilets installed inside of your bathrooms. And make sure to use LED lighting throughout the restaurant. These things combined can easily save you 30-40 percent annually on your energy costs.

Monitor your deliveries from suppliers. A lot of restaurant owners don’t realize how much money they waste by having multiple suppliers who bring them deliveries several times during the work week. You’ll actually be better off if you look for a main supplier for most of what you need and then request that they come once a week. That way, you can establish a solid relationship with that one company and possibly negotiate some really good discounts too.

Be smart with your marketing. As you’re getting the word out about your restaurant, be careful with how much money you put into marketing. By this we mean, strive to be creative when it comes to your approach. Use your social media platforms like creating a Facebook fan page and Twitter account, send out press releases to local newspapers and radio stations to see if they will put the opening announcement on their community calendar and send out a newsletter to all of the people you know. Some of the best restaurants became successful due to word of mouth and word of mouth is free. That’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Use fresh (and local) produce. If you were to ask the National Grocers Corporation about something you can do that will help to reduce your restaurant startup costs, they will probably recommend that you use fresh produce. There are a few reasons why. For one thing, it’s a smart and eco-friendly way to support the local farmers in your area. Secondly, it helps you to manage your portion control. After all, it’s better to run out of food at the end of the night than to have so much leftover that you end up throwing it away (and throwing out food is always a waste of money).

Be careful about who you hire. Most of us have heard that it’s not the best idea to do business with family members or friends and this certainly applies to hiring them as staff for your restaurant. Unless it’s literally a family-run business, you want to be sure that you have people who will remain professional and not take things personally. One waiter slacking off or quitting at the last minute can cost you some good money or loyal customers, so try and hire experienced individuals you don’t know and make sure to thoroughly train the ones that you do. When it comes to making money rather than losing it, it will be one of the smartest things for your restaurant that you will ever do.


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