5 Ways To Reduce Your Weekly Food Bill

by Guest on June 24, 2012

There are no two ways about it, most of the world is in the grips of the worst recession the country has ever seen. The economy has contracted for a second time, hence the ‘double dip’ recession and unemployment is at a record 8.2% in the UK and with further government public sector cuts on the way, this is set to increase. There have been a number of articles published about how to survive the recession, which includes things like building up savings, reducing spending etc., however this article focuses more closely on one of the major monthly outgoings, the weekly food bill and how to keep this to a minimum.

The weekly shop is a necessary family activity. It can be fraught with worry however, as feeding a family of any size is now more expensive than ever and families currently have less disposable income than before. Therefore we have put together five practical suggestions for keeping the food bill to a minimum.

Stick to your food list

It is very tempting to pick up food that is ‘on offer’ or simply looks tasty as you are perusing the aisles, even moreso when you are actually feeling hungry as the temptation to pick up a tasty treat is in front of you. Therefore the crucial thing is to make a food list and stick to it and do not default off-list. Also never go shopping when you feel hungry as research has shown that this leads to more impulse purchases.

Avoid popular brand names

When selecting a food item, it can be tempting to pick up the popular brand name item due to the belief that it tastes better or it’s more attractive because of the glossy advertisements. This is something which should be avoided as you can save between 10% and 15% on every shopping trip by selecting in-house items. In some cases, both products are made in the same factory anyway, therefore you still get quality.

Collect loyalty points

Many supermarkets award loyalty cards, therefore you can build up these loyalty points over the weeks and months and you will get cash back in return.

Stock up on pulses and lentils

Dried pulses and lentils can be an exceptionally cheap way of bulking out your meal and also increasing your intake of protein. They are far cheaper than any other type of canned bean.

Double check your bill for discounts

Supermarkets often advertise deals at the point of sale location. It has been proven that 6% of these offers are missed at checkout and therefore the customer is overcharged. Take a couple of minutes to double check your bill and identify that the offers have translated to a lower food bill.

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