5 Ways To Save Money On A New Computer

by Leon on February 1, 2013

Shopping for a new computer can be a mind-boggling process. Technology advances so quickly that you’ll have a whole new vocabulary to learn if you’ve been off the market for more than a year. Yesterday’s ultimate laptop is today’s paper weight. On top of every other concern, computers are expensive–serious investments for most of us. If you’re on the market for a new personal computer, follow these guidelines to save money and get the best computer for your dollar.

buying a new computerBuy Only What You Need
When shopping for a new computer, the most important question to ask yourself is often the most neglected: What will you be using the computer for? If your computing needs are limited to surfing the internet, reading and writing emails, checking Facebook and writing the occasional paper, almost any computer made in the last 10 years will suit you just fine. Users whose computing delves into areas like graphic design, gaming, and other more advanced pursuits need more equipment. Take stock of what you need from your computer before you start shopping.

Take Advantage of Rebates
Many of the prices you’ll see advertised for computers are after-rebate prices. Rebates are great for computer companies, because most customers never take advantage of them. Be sure to take note of rebates when you compare prices between computer models. A good rebate may be able to save you hundreds of dollars on a top of the line computer, but the benefits of a rebate are only enjoyed by those who use them. Don’t neglect the rebate.

Don’t Be Sold On Software
Many companies will attempt to use software to up-sell their computers. A PC that comes bundled with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and other expensive software packages may seem like a good deal, but are you really going to use all that software? If you’re not using your computer for professional design work or important business, you don’t need such programs. In fact, there are many free programs available that suit the needs of most users as substitutes to top of the line software.

Consider an Older Model
Computers go out of fashion quickly. Every few months, a new piece of hardware hits the market and makes its predecessors substantially less valuable. This can work to your advantage. Buying a computer from last year can save you hundreds of dollars while still offering everything you need. Every computer is outmoded eventually, but small changes like additional RAM and driver updates can make last year’s computers hold their own against today’s best. If you buy an older model, you’re not missing out on much and you stand to save a small fortune.

Don’t Be Taken In By Branding
When most people go shopping for computers, they only look at a few popular brands. Apple is one of the most popular companies of the day, and users who prefer windows often flock to big-name brands like Dell, HP, and Sony. However, when you buy from companies like these, you are paying premium prices for their branding. An Apple computer may cost as much as 50% more than a PC of comparable specs from any other brand. Lesser advertised companies like ASUS offer high quality computers at competitive prices. Remember–you’re buying a computer, not a pair of jeans. Don’t let big name brands take you to the cleaners.

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