6 Unusual Ways To Save Money

by Guest on March 25, 2015

unusual ways to save moneyTake care of your pennies, and pounds will take care of themselves.  – an English proverb.

Over more than 3 years of freelancing, I’ve learned that saving money is essential to getting a sense of security. Below you will find a list of money-saving tactics, which have helped me and which I hope will help you improve your financial situation. They are all simple, and, if combined together, they can save you quite a bit of money already today.

#1. Create a Bank of Discounts.

There’s a lot of power in unity. So how can you capitalize on this truth and join forces to save? One of the ways is to ask your colleagues or friends what discount cards they have and invite them to share. You can create a simple Google Docs document with the cards you all have and share it among yourselves. This way, everyone will have a lot of discounts at once. Such a “bank of discounts” has worked wonders for me.

#2. Save with Referral Programs.

When you use a particular product, it’s worth checking its website to see if the company is offering any referral options. Usually, referral programs allow you to earn money by spreading the word about a service. Some of them even allow you to buy their products with the money you earn when you refer your friends to the website. When I joined such programs, I was able to share a 10% discount code with my contacts. This way, I both saved money and shared a discount with my friends.

#3. Tap into the Power of Social Coupons.

More and more companies are giving deals away on social sites, including facebook and twitter. If you don’t want to miss out, it is worth subscribing to companies that you like. This way, you’ll stay up to date with their coupons, giveaways, and flash deals that are only announced online. A simple facebook like would often save me a lot as a result.

#4. Hide Card Information from Your Online Accounts.

It’s easy to click and buy if you have your credit card details stored online. However, breaking the habit is quite simple – you can just remove your card number from your account. Whenever the temptation to spend money was there, it took me some time to get hold of my card, which was enough for me to think about why I was actually spending that money. Quite often, I decided I didn’t really need that item.

#5. Hunt For Deals Online.

So you’ve set your mind to making that purchase, but don’t buy it just yet. It was unbelievable how much I was able to save when I did a quick search for discounts online. Here’s how this can work for you, too. Just type the name of your item into the search engine and add words like coupon, discount, deal, etc. Depending on the product you buy, this lifehack can get you 10-15% off your purchase.

#6. Discover Other Ways to De-stress.

Spending money would often help me unwind after a tough day. There’s no doubt that shopping may be a very effective method to de-stress. For my wallet, however, it actually turned out to be quite stressful. So I started looking for alternative ways to bring my anxiety levels to normal. It turned out that options were many. I took on running, reading, and meditating. Not only are they free – they are powerful tools for self-improvement. As a result, I ended up feeling more fulfilled and energized. There’s every chance you’ll feel this way as well.

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