8 Habits That Will Save You Money

by Pam on June 5, 2009

Developing bad habits is easy, developing good ones can sometimes take some hard work.  Below is a list of some good habits worth developing.  They will save you a lot of money over time and help you on your journey to becoming financially free.

1.  Keep on top of the economic news.  Pay attention to how retail outlets are doing.  If you hear of a store closing down, check out their clearance sales. If the media is reporting that sales have been sluggish recently, then you know it’s a good time to shop as the prices will be lower.

2.  Fill out the consumer surveys that you get in the mail and within a few weeks you will receive coupons for various household products.

3.  Pay attention to various advertisements both on TV and in your mailbox that offer special deals on cable TV, telephone, etc.  Often they will offer you a deal if you call up your current provider and tell them you are thinking of switching to the competition.  It’s worth a try, and if they aren’t willing to accommodate your request, you can always switch.  Why pay more than you have to?

4.  When making purchases, use credit cards that will give you rewards.  Make sure to pay off your balance each month to avoid finance charges.  If you have credit cards that don’t give you any rewards, cancel the cards as there are so many credit cards out there these days that offer benefits of all kinds.

5.  Be a careful shopper.  Make informed decisions when shopping, making sure you are getting the best value for your money.  Do some research before making larger purchases so you can recognize whether or not you are getting a good deal. Of course it is easier to just buy things spontaneously, but you will save a lot of money in the long run if you make your purchases carefully.

6.  Pay fees and bills in big chunks when you are able to so you can save extra money.  Expenses such as auto insurance and property taxes are often lowered if you pay 4 months or 6 months at a time rather than paying monthly.

7.  Shop for items when the demand is low rather than following the crowd.  Go sweater shopping when the spring fashions are popular and you will get them for a fraction of the price you would pay in the winter.  Likewise, buy swimwear in the winter and you will be sure to pay less.

8.  Keep your eyes open throughout the year for Christmas gifts, rather than buying them all in December when the malls are crowded and the last thing you want to be doing is shopping.  If you buy your gifts throughout the year you will be more likely to find meaningful gifts at lower prices.  The same goes for birthday gifts.  Planning ahead makes gift giving a lot less expensive because you won’t be stuck buying overpriced knickknacks while in a frenzy to find a gift.

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