A Cheap Way To Go Camping

by Pam on August 5, 2009

a cheap way to go campingMy husband and I love camping during the summer and we’ve even tried our hand at winter camping.  I must admit I enjoy camping in the summer a lot more.  It’s a lot more comfortable, except for the insects.  Camping is fun, but it can also become expensive if you’re not careful.  Some simple things we do to save money when we camp include bringing our own food rather than purchasing our food at overpriced campgrounds or eating at campground restaurants.

We camp in a tent rather than staying in a cabin.  Our campsite fees are cheap because we don’t require electricity.  Some people prefer to camp out “in the sticks” where they don’t have to even pay any campsite fees.  We would probably do that too if we were more familiar with the areas we camped in.  The downside is there’s no fire pit and no bathrooms!

We never make reservations as it costs more when you do, and so far we’ve only regretted that decision once.  There is almost always a space available so making reservations isn’t really necessary unless you plan to camp on a Stat holiday.

For entertainment, we fish for a while and go on some of the hiking trails.  We also spend a lot of time just lounging on chairs and eating Spitz.  We fish off the shore and my husband is usually successful at catching at least a few fish for our dinner. I am definitely not a skilled fisher, but my husband seems to always do well.  You definitely don’t need to own a boat or have your own private dock to catch fish.

To make it special, we often bring our favorite foods to enjoy in the outdoors and we often eat a lot!  Hopefully we burn some of the calories on our fishing and hiking adventures!

It’s just nice to get out of the city for a while and except for the cost of gas to get to our destination, there isn’t a lot of expense involved when it comes to camping in a tent.  If you and your family need a getaway, camping might be just the thing for you.

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