A Final Needs Plan Keeps Your Family Debt And Burden Free

by Guest on October 5, 2015

Since the day your children were born, you worried about them. Just because they’re now adults, doesn’t mean you worry any less. Instead of scraped knees and their performance at school, now you concern yourself with their own family life and financial future. You want them to be as happy and successful as possible. The last thing you want to do in your old age is to become a financial burden to your children. Raising a family is hard enough without the added burden of paying for a funeral. Before you pass away, invest in a final needs plan to protect your children from this financial liability.

As hard as it is to face the concept of your own death, acknowledging it and making plans for it brings comfort to yourself and your loved ones. When you take the time to plan and finance your own funeral, you’re ensuring your family doesn’t have to make painful decisions during a difficult time. They also won’t have to come up with an unexpected amount of cash to pay for your service. A final needs plan spares them this fate. When you create a plan, you’ll be working with a professional account executive. Consultations are free, and they’ll meet with you to find out exactly what you want for your funeral service and how you can achieve it.

Other services offered with a final needs plan can anticipate issues that might arise after your death. As more and more seniors are travelling abroad, the number of people dying away from home has increased. If you opt into travel protection, your plan covers the costs and associated paperwork of transporting your body across the province, nation, or world. You can also add a final documents service into your plan, ensuring that there’s a professional advisor completing the appropriate paperwork that goes along with a death. Instead of a family member (who’s unsure of whom to contact or how), an experienced advisor will fill out notification forms to alert the government, your bank, and your benefits packages of your death.

But before you can opt-in to anything, you have to find a final needs plan provider that can set you up with a personal account executor. Take advantage of the free consultations to see how each provider differs from the next. The internet is also your friend, as you can explore each provider’s website from the comfort of your own home. A company’s site can be an incredible resource for the enquiring client. Be sure to check out the Elephas Group website to learn about the extra services they offer, including travel and document services and see how it compares to other providers’ service.

By creating a customized final needs plan that takes into account everything your funeral will need, you can save your loved ones from the financial and emotional burden of organizing your service. With simple contributions to the plan of your choice, you can save them from unneeded worry. Start researching final needs providers and get started on this wonderful and affordable gift you can give your family.


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