A Free Way To Remove Stains From Clothing

by Pam on July 1, 2011

An easy way to get rid of many types of stains on your clothing is to simply run cold water over the stains and rub the material vigorously between your fingers.  By scrubbing with cold water right away, you can often remove chocolate stains, blood stains, and many other types of food stains. I find that using warm water doesn’t work, and for some types of stains the sooner you do it the better.  There are all kinds of expensive stain removers you can buy in stores but sometimes they are just not necessary.  First try the simple and free method of scrubbing under a cold water tap.  It might take a few minutes but it is well worth the effort.

I have learned over the last while that sometimes the simplest and easiest things work better than when you try more complicated methods.  This goes for everything from removing stains from clothing to trying to fix a computer-related problem.  Go with the easiest and least expensive solutions first, and if you don’t succeed, then look for other options.  Start with using the resources already available to you and then buy a product if necessary.  Try to be resourceful and creative when problem solving and you will save yourself both money and time. 

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