A Job Hunting Tip – Be Careful What You Post on Networking Sites

by Pam on February 5, 2011

If you are currently looking for a new job, one thing you will want to be mindful of is social networking sites, and more specifically, what is on yours.  If you use Facebook, Twitter, etc., you will want to make sure that the content is appropriate and that it contains nothing that would make a prospective employer wary of you.

For instance, be sure that your profile does not mention anything about drug or alcohol use.  Do not use foul language, and most certainly do not mention anything negative about your previous employer.

Employers can find out a lot of information about you now via the Internet, more than ever before.  It is likely that your prospective employer will Google you and will find any related social network sites that you are on.  Be aware of what sites you are on and what they are saying about you.  You want to make a good impression and build yourself up for success so that you have the best chance of landing the job you applied for.

In order to ensure that you will pass your prospective employer’s initial screening, be careful and make sure that your social networking is always respectful and in line with what you would want anyone to see.  Even though most of the material you write and the pictures you upload are for your friends to see, always remember in the back of your mind that everything you put on the Web should be tasteful so that you have nothing to be embarrassed about should someone other than your friends ever view your material.  It could cost you a really good job opportunity if you don’t.

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