A Way To Give Without Spending Money

by Pam on November 1, 2009

check out the hunger site - a way to give without spending moneyDo you want to help others financially but you don’t have the resources to do so right now?  Well, you still can, and you can do it by simply clicking on a button on a website every day when you go to check your email or read the news online.

The website is called The Hunger Site.  When you go to this site, all you need to do is click on the button that says “Click Here to Give- it’s FREE!”.  By doing so, the companies who advertise on the site contribute to people in need around the world.

But there’s more, in addition to helping supply food to the needy, The Hunger Site also links to the Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, and Animal Rescue site.  They each have a button you can click on and as a result their sponsors will fund those causes as well.

So, even if you don’t have any extra money to give away right now, you can still make a contribution and it’s as easy as clicking your mouse. I encourage you to check it out and to participate in these worthy causes.

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