Are You Living For The Weekend?

by Pam on July 11, 2011

Do you find yourself living for the weekend?  Are you just going through the motions week by week and counting down the days and hours until the weekend?  If so, you may need to consider looking at other employment options.

So many Canadians find themselves stuck in a rut where they simply look forward to Friday.  Have you ever caught yourself on a Monday morning saying to a colleague: “Is it Friday yet?”  If you have, then it might be the right time to do some serious thinking about what you are doing with your life.  If you do not feel fulfilled with your current job situation, perhaps you need to do something new.

If you have always wanted to own your own business, make a business plan and start working at it in the evenings after work.  Once it takes off, quit your job and do what you love full time.  If you can afford to quit your day job sooner to pursue your business opportunities, consider working at a business you enjoy full time.

Not everyone has the luxury of just up and quitting their day job no matter how much they may dislike it.  However, if you are in this position, you can still look into other opportunities and continue working at your regular job until you find an opportunity that will give you more satisfaction.

Also, you need to reflect on whether or not you are the victim of the golden handcuffs.  There are a lot of jobs out there that may not be very rewarding or interesting, but the companies may provide great benefits and pension plans which may cause their employees to think twice before leaving.  If the only reason you are still at your current job is for the benefits, then you, my friend, are one of many experiencing the golden handcuffs phenomenon.

I believe that we all have certain gifts and abilities that enable us to do something significant in this world.  If you are not using these gifts and abilities in your current job and deep down you know that you are not getting enough satisfaction from your current employment, it is in your best interest to examine yourself and then make some life decisions.

Ask others what they feel you are gifted at.  You will be surprised at what others might have observed about you.  Seek advice from trusted friends and family members, and although they may encourage you to stay in your current job situation, only you know how you feel about your situation.  Seek counsel but ultimately you are the one who has to make the decision.

If you are completely content with your current job situation, that’s great!  But, if not, then do some soul searching and then work your way towards your dream job or business opportunity.

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