Are You Really Getting Free Stuff?

by Pam on June 20, 2011

Daily we are bombarded with all sorts of advertisements, whether it’s on TV, on the radio, or on a sign while commuting to work.  Advertisements are unavoidable, and there are many of them that say they will give you something for free.  Free is good, we think, and we may fall into the trap of buying an overpriced item because we actually think we are getting something for nothing.  That is usually not the case.

Buy one get one free gags are really common, but make sure you check the price before you fall for it.  More than likely the one item has the second item’s price built in, making it less of a deal than you might think.  Another catchy one is when they throw in a free gift or offer you free shipping.  The price of these extras is almost always hidden in the cost of the main item you are purchasing.

Don’t be deceived.  Companies need to make a profit.  They are not going to be quick to give anything away without a catch.  So the next time you are attracted to an item because of a so-called freebie, take a step back and ask yourself if it really is a good deal.  There are definitely some really great deals out there, you just need to be a savvy shopper so you can determine which deals give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Beware of the freebies!

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