Ask For Last Year’s Merchandise And Save Money

by Pam on July 26, 2010

A great way to save money when you shop is to be willing to purchase last year’s merchandise.   When buying shoes, don’t be afraid to ask the sales representative if they have any shoes left over from last year in your size.   If you are lucky, they will have just the shoes you are looking for, and at discounted prices since they came from last year’s stock.

Recently my husband and I benefited from this strategy.  While shopping for shoes in the States, the shoe salesperson brought out various pairs of shoes from last year that fit us perfectly. We were able to get good quality shoes without paying regular price.  As a result, we saved at least $60.

When we went bike shopping, this also worked well for me.  I bought a 2009 model instead of a 2010 and got a $50 discount.  It makes no difference to me if items I buy are from this year or a previous year, and if I can get them on sale, I am a happy camper.

You can also get discounts when shopping for a mattress and box spring. Just ask if there are any mismatches or if one might have a small tear.  You can also ask for last year’s stock as they might still have some on hand.  Be creative, and you will be amazed at how much you can save when you shop for just about anything.

What are some things you have bought recently at a really good price due to some creativity on your part?

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