Avoid Marketing Ploys At The Grocery Store

by Pam on May 29, 2009

avoid marketing ploys at the grocery storeGrocery stores want you to spend as much money as possible, so they deliberately display their inventory in such a way as to make you think you need to buy more!   Not only do they want you to buy more, they use sophisticated tactics to entice you to buy the most expensive products.   Keep these strategies in mind whenever you shop and you will get the most for your money.

1.  Most retail stores place the most expensive products at eye level.  Be sure to look both above and below eye level and you will likely find similar products at a much lower price.

2.   Just because you’ve tried a free sample of a product in a grocery store, don’t feel obligated to buy the product.  Buy the item only if it’s something that you actually want, and be sure to check the price first.

3.  If you decide to buy a grocery item because it’s on sale, recheck your list and your shopping cart.  Determine whether or not the new item can replace a similar item rather than adding another item to your list. It is better to substitute than to add so you can stay within your budget.

4.  Often grocery stores will place complementary items together such as cocktail sauces with seafood, croutons near lettuce, or whip cream near strawberries.  When stores do this they are banking on their shoppers’ impulsiveness.  Often the complementary item is a high cost item.  Instead of selecting it on the spot, if you think you might want to buy it, add it to your list and then check out the aisle where other varieties can also be found so you can compare prices.

5.  Another common tactic grocery stores use is to place chips, candy, and other sweets and junk food in the areas where crowds build up due to lineups.  It’s so tempting to grab a few of these items and throw them in your cart.   That’s why it always good to eat before going grocery shopping.  If you shop when you’re hungry, you will almost always give in to these impulse buys while waiting in line.

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