Book Review Of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

by Pam on March 23, 2010

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz

I would have to say that The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is by far the most entertaining book I have read so far about entrepreneurship.  It has a very matter-of-fact tone and while reading it I feel as if the author is speaking directly to me.  The language used is very conversational and easy to follow, although I must admit there is some colorful language throughout the book.

On our quest for financial freedom, my husband and I have been reading book after book about entrepreneurship, real estate investing, and other related topics.  I found this particular book to be fairly entertaining and relatively easy to read since it wasn’t overly detailed.  The main point is that entrepreneurs make something out of nothing.  They usually start out with very little money but due to their creativity they are able to create viable businesses.

Throughout the book, the author provides practical business tips based on his own personal experiences as well as from other’s experiences.  He tells the reader flat out that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to be willing to work without getting paid for the first little while, or perhaps for a long while.  He also motivates his readers to take action and begin their entrepreneurial pursuits rather than just waiting and overanalyzing.

The author goes through the top excuses for not pursuing your dreams including:

1. I’m too old to start a company.

2. I’m too young to start a company.

3.  I won’t make enough money.

4  I don’t have enough money to start.

5.  The economy is not strong enough to start a business.

6.  I don’t have the proper education.

7.  Entrepreneurship is risky.

If you are really serious about becoming an entrepreneur, there are activities at the end of every chapter that are designed to help you focus and then get ready to take action.  The author wants his readers to realize that no matter how much or little education you have, no matter how much or little money you have, and no matter your age, if you want to be an entrepreneur, it is possible.  The problem is that so many people dream of being entrepreneurs, but many never take the plunge.

My husband and I are what I would consider budding entrepreneurs.  We are eager to begin a new project and we are constantly on the look out for our next opportunity.  We know that it will mean some risk, and we know that it will mean working in the evenings and on weekends instead of relaxing in front of the T.V., however, we believe it is worth it.  Not only will it make our lives better, but the projects we choose will ultimately provide a service or product that will make other people’s lives better.

I would encourage you to check out The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur if you want to get some ideas for either improving your existing business or for starting one up from scratch.  Oh, and, there is a some crude language and bathroom humor in the book so if you get offended easily you may not enjoy reading it.

What are some books about business and/or entrepreneurship that you have been reading lately?

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