Budget Friendly Marketing Tips For Christmas

by Sean on September 20, 2014

marketing tips for ChristmasQuite contrary to popular notions, effective marketing does not always require a huge budget. There are cost effective ways to propel your brand name among clients and peers alike. With the festive season round the corner, it’s time to revamp your existing marketing strategies in a major way. Christmas is perhaps one of the best times to connect with consumers. Retailers expect to rake in huge profits considering the spending propensity of customers, but they are required to adopt novel marketing techniques in order to prove successful in wooing these customers.

Cards or greetings

Sending over corporate e-greeting cards is a cost-effective way to establish long-standing relations with consumers. It complements your efforts to propel your brand reputation in a major way, without taking a toll on your finances. It is a great way to honor your clients and acknowledge your association with them through heartfelt wishes. The e christmas cards for business can be customized with touching personalized messages or images and to showcase your creative skills and bolster your brand value among clients. They are more budget friendly than your traditional greeting cards because you do not need to recruit a separate professional to hand-write these cards.

Database Marketing

There are a number of websites offering the digitized e-cards for Christmas and other festivities, holidays and other invitations. Database marketing is already touted as one of the most cost effective ways to up your marketing ante. Just refer to the database of clients in order to have an idea of the total number of clients you need to send these e-greeting cards to and order accordingly. However, make sure that you are composing unique verses, messages or lines for separate groups of clients and employ the best of your creative minds for this job. Please do not make the mistake of repeating a single message or design for all of your clients. The more creative you get with your message the more impactful will be your message for clients.

Place company logos on cards or invitations

Make sure that you are placing your company logos on christmas ecards business. Insert web links in order to attract higher traffic to your site and convert them to sales. Besides, cost effectiveness, another major advantage of these cards is that they are eco-friendly. They consume no paper. Your clients actually end up appreciating your contribution towards environment sustainability. This, in turn, enhances your brand value.


Your ultimate aim is to drive sales, besides acknowledging your consumers. So besides sending over these greeting cards, think about investing in festival promotions as well. Send out your promotions early to reach out to consumers who are super organized. Then send out reminders of your offers just a few days before Christmas.

Customer Loyalty Schemes

Concentrate on fruitful customer loyalty schemes whereby you can expand 20% of your sales for top customers who are responsible for 80% of your business sales.

Word of Mouth

Lastly, clients who are touched by your gesture would refer you to others. With the word of mouth gradually, taking center stage you can jolly well expect your sales to increase.

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