Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

by Pam on July 27, 2009

If your old appliances need to be replaced or you are moving into a new home and need to startbuy energy efficient appliances from scratch, consider the following tips before going on your shopping spree.  By following these tips you will save a lot of money and make your home “green”.

1. Consider buying a convection oven.  They are more energy efficient because the internal fan decreases cooking time.

2.  Buy a front-loading clothes washing machine.  They use less electricity and water than top loading machines and they more adequately spin your clothes, resulting in less drying time.  You also won’t need to use as much detergent for front-loading machines.  Whether or not you end up buying a front-loading or a traditional top-loading washing machine, make sure it has the option for a small, medium, and large load so you don’t waste water and energy if you happen to wash a smaller load.

3.  When purchasing a refrigerator, compare the Energy Star labels to ensure you are buying the most energy efficient model.  Avoid features that will waste energy such as ice and water dispensers.  Fridges with top freezers use less energy than side by side freezers.

4.  Buy a clothes dryer that has a moisture sensor option.  That way your dryer will stop automatically when it senses the clothes are dry rather than setting it on a timer and wasting energy.

5.  Choose an energy efficient dishwasher with the Energy Star label.  Anytime you see Energy Star you know it’s at least 15% more efficient than other similar models.  Look for models with a no –heat drying option and soil sensors.   Some also include other eco-friendly features.

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