Think Positively About Your Finances

by Pam on March 10, 2015

positive thinking and personal financeWritten more than five decades ago, Norman Vincent Peale’s book The Power of Positive Thinking contains wisdom that can still be applied in our lives today. The book contains many stories and illustrations of how people’s lives dramatically improved after they changed their way of thinking. Rather than giving in to the struggles in life, these people overcame their issues through faith and changing their frame of mind.

You get what you expect.

According to the author, “It is a well-defined and authentic principle that what the mind profoundly expects it tends to receive.” In other words, if you think you are going to fail, you likely will. The good news is that if you believe that you will succeed, you likely will.

Your thinking affects your whole life.

The way we think about ourselves and the world will determine how well we perform in life. Whether we realize it or not, it is our attitude towards life which is far more important than our circumstances. You may be struggling financially and think it will never end, but don’t give up hope. Instead, believe that you will find a way to get back on your feet again.
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Fighting Against The Last Taboo

by Guest on October 26, 2014

25 money strategiesAlmost a century ago Sigmund Freud named two universal taboos, but it seems we have overcome just one of them – the fear to talk about SEX, but why it is still that hard for many of us to talk about MONEY freely? Mainly because money embodies our deepest feelings. Money is like a mirror to our credo, hopes, dreams and fears.

The vast majority believes that they are put in a tight corner simply because they don’t earn enough money, but actually it is other way round – you need to learn about money and start saving money first. This is the first step in order to improve your relationship with money and eventually overcome the fear to talk about it. Savings at the beginning don’t have to be big – they just have to be.

Put your energy into accumulating your wealth by saving money while you’re young and developing the crucial skills called: earning, saving and spending. And to accomplish this task “25 Money Strategies Your Teacher Forgot to Tell You About” is a great eBook to start with. The eBook presents to the reader 25 simple but effective and ready to use money saving tips and tricks, while guiding you through various stages of your life.

The reason you might be here is that you are currently on a search of a trustworthy source which could help you succeed, especially in financial matters. But don’t take my words for granted. Here is what other personal finance bloggers have to say about this eBook:
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A Book Review – Forever Cash

by Pam on October 22, 2013

learn how to make forever cashIt has been a long time since I have read a book about personal finance.  I think I got jaded as it felt like I was reading the same old information over and over again.  Every book promised a way to attain financial freedom; some even said you should only have to work a few hours a week.  Well, I recently received an email with an electronic version of Jack Bosch’s book entitled Forever Cash – Break the Earn-Spend Cycle, Take Charge of Your Life, Build Everlasting WEALTH”.  Here are some thoughts on this book:

What is “Forever Cash”?

The book is well-written.  It talks about how it is possible to find a way to make “forever cash” – which is the author’s term for making cash flow that is indefinite.  To quote Jack: “Forever Cash is cash for which you work once and get paid again and again and again … forever.”

According to Jack, “This book is not about getting rich. It is about you taking your life into your own hands and doing what needs to be done to make sure you and your family are safe. It’s time to rise!”  The book is definitely motivating and it makes you think, too.   It’s a good read if you are looking for motivation and maybe some ideas as to how to get started.
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Uncertainty – Book Review

by Pam on February 13, 2012

Uncertainty: Turning Fear & Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance by Jonathan Fields

I have read many books over the past few years, but I have never read a book quite like Uncertainty.  This book is full of interesting ideas and suggestions for how to excel despite your fears and uncertainties.  Although most, if not all of us, try to avoid uncertainty as much as possible, the author suggests in this book that uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  In fact, it is within an environment of uncertainty that many people become successful entrepreneurs.
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The Millionaire Fastlane – Book Review

by Pam on February 10, 2012

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack The Code To Wealth And Live Rich For a Lifetime by MJ DeMarco.

I have never read a book quite like The Millionaire Fastlane.  This book is truly unique.  The author, who is a successful entrepreneur many times over, provides information on how he and many others have become successful.  The content is somewhat like a recipe book, outlining the ingredients necessary in order to have successful results as an entrepreneur.
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