Choose A Qualified Home Inspector Before Buying A Home

by Pam on October 8, 2009

get a home inspection before buying a houseI watched part of Holmes Inspection on TV the other day and it was about this young woman’s experience in buying her first home. She bought a 20 year-old townhouse and had a home inspector give her the go-ahead to make the purchase.  Within a week of taking possession of her new home, she noticed that something in her bathroom was causing water to leak through her kitchen ceiling.  She hired a plumber to resolve the issue, but all the plumber did was make a large hole in her kitchen ceiling and then he told her he couldn’t find the leak so he wouldn’t be able to do anything.  Nice!

So, when Holmes and his crew came to take a look at the situation, they were able to discover where the leak began.  Unfortunately, the more work they did on the house, the more problems they discovered.   The home had been recently renovated, so even a home inspector could not have possibly caught every problem since some of the issues were covered up.  Nevertheless, the home inspector wasn’t thorough enough and should have seen some red flags that would have indicated possible issues with the home.

When purchasing a home, in order to save money and frustration in the long run, it’s good to make sure you find a credible home inspector.  Also, be wary when purchasing an older home with recent renovations as the new laminate flooring or a fresh coat of paint could be covering up some nasty household problems.

Make sure to ask lots of questions about the house and find out as much as you can from the previous owners.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions of the home inspector.  Make sure they check the electrical and plumbing.  The key is not to become emotionally attached to the house because if you do, you may end up buying a home against your better judgment.

Buying your first home can be really exciting.  Do your due diligence and get a home inspection before committing to a home purchase.  Make sure your home inspector is reputable and highly experienced.   Buying a home is a huge investment; Make sure it’s a wise investment that you won’t regret.


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