Clean Out Your Clothes Closet And Save Money

by Pam on May 25, 2011

If you want to make some extra space in your clothes closet this summer, try this simple trick.  Switch around all your hangers in your closet.  Every time you wear an item, make sure to flip the hanger back around.  Within about a month or so, go through your closet and remove any items that still haven’t been flipped around.  This is a very easy way to figure out what items of clothing you really do wear.

Any items that you haven’t worn in the past 30 days are more than likely items that are wasting space in your closet.  Put them in a box and bring them to your local thrift store.  There is no point in keeping a bunch of clothes around that you are not wearing.

Sometimes it is hard to part with things even if you aren’t using them, but you will find it so much easier to find the items you do wear when you don’t have so much clutter.  As well, at least from my experience, I have never given any clothing away and then regretted it later.  I always make sure that I give away items that I truly never wear.

By doing this simple experiment with the hangers, it is much easier to decide what to part with and you have some objective evidence that makes you realize that you really don’t need all the items in your closet.

Ironically enough, by removing clutter from your closets, you may also find that you spend less on clothes because you realize how many outfits you still do make use of.  They are easier to access and you are more easily able to see what you have already.   Too many times if we have too much stuff, we end up buying something we already have without knowing it.


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