Consider More Than One Brand When You Shop

by Pam on November 7, 2010

Here’s a shopping tip that I find saves me a lot of money.  Don’t get too stuck on any specific brand name.  If you do, you will find yourself paying a higher price for your items such as food, clothing, shampoos, etc. than you might otherwise pay.  Why?  If you are determined to always buy the same brand you will not be willing to consider other options that may be cheaper even though the quality might be the same.  By refusing to budge from one specific brand you limit your choices and therefore you don’t always allow yourself to take advantage of the best deals.  Also, chances are your specific brand will not always be on sale, so if you run out, you will be forced to buy it at regular price.

Although the familiar is comfortable, it’s not always the best choice.  Be willing to try different brands at least once.  If they are not as high quality as your favored brand, then at least you know not to buy it again. But if it is just as good, or perhaps even better, you know that this new brand can also be considered the next time you shop.

Also be mindful of gimmicks, especially in grocery stores.  If you shop in a store such as Superstore, you will notice that there will be a wide range of different brands available for almost every product.  Sometimes the lower quality products will have brightly colored and attractive wrapping or labeling.  If the well-known brand is selling at a lower price, always go for the brand name you know, even if the labeling is just plain.  It’s tempting to go for the most attractive items even though they may be more expensive, so take the extra minute to compare prices and you can stretch your grocery money a lot further.

From my experience, for the most part, when I buy products at Superstore, the no-name brands are almost always just as good as the brand-name products.  Less expensive brands such as President’s Choice and No-Name offer almost everything that the more expensive brands offer and I am seldom disappointed with the quality.

When it comes to clothing, it’s good to know which brands provide good quality for your money.  There’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra for those dress pants or that blouse if it means it will last you ten times longer.  Just be willing to consider various brands instead of just one so you can buy things on sale.

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