Cut Your Husband’s Hair!

by Pam on March 9, 2009

He looks a little uneasy!Although I must admit I don’t really enjoy cutting my husband’s hair, it has saved us about $100.00 to $120.00 every year.   We purchased a haircutting kit for about $30.00 and have used it for almost 4 years.  The kits come with a razor, scissors, combs, and extensions of various lengths and can be purchased almost anywhere.  If your husband is satisfied with a buzz cut it makes it super easy.  If not, there are some really great demonstrations on how to cut men’s hair on Youtube using common haircutting kits.  Why not try it at least once?  I always console myself with the thought that my husband’s hair grows really fast so if I make a mistake it doesn’t take long for it to be covered up!


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