Cutting Cost And Cutting Fat – How To Get A Discounted Gym Membership

by Guest on January 13, 2012

Getting Fit—It’s one of the major new year’s resolutions most American’s have added on their list of things they’d like to achieve in 2012. But getting into shape doesn’t come cheap. Unless you already have a nifty home-gym installed in a spare room, you’ll most likely need to get a gym membership. But after all of the fees are accrued, you can end up spending a wide sum of cash just to get that slim waste. But luckily there are a few ways you may be able to cut back on gym membership prices to get the body you want. To learn how, read the few tips below.

Learn to be A Negotiator. One of the easiest ways to get a gym rep to give you a membership price within your budget is to simply ask for it. Don’t say—”I only want to pay $20 a month,” rather tell them that another gym offered you a gym membership for a much lower price. They may call your bluff altogether in which case you’ll want to shop around for a more affordable gym anyway; but they may give you your asking price or keep the original price but compensate you in some other way—for example, you may pay a reduced enrollment fee or get to add on another member (like a friend or family member) at a really cheap rate. But since technically the year is new, hopefully you’ll find a gym that is already offering a phenomenal New Year’s Special—some have been seen as low as $10 a month.

Go in a Group. Typically gyms will offer a discounted rate to those that sign-up simultaneously in large groups. For example, Bally Total Fitness gives a 10% discount to those that sign-up in groups of 10 or more. Many other gyms have the same discount in effect. So rummage your friends, family members, or co-workers with the same resolution so you can get your discount. Of course it would be best to ask if a discount like this exists at your gym-of-choice first before you bring a heard of your closest friends over.

Check for Company Discounts. All too often, employers have contracts with a designated gym (or several). Under contract, employees get a small discount on memberships whenever registering for specific gyms. And not to fear, most of the gyms are big names too like 24 Hour Fitness and Gold’s Gym. The discount may only be a small 10%, but that’s better than nothing. Also, if you are part of any organization like the AARP or have a particular health insurance plan, you may also be eligible to receive a discount at a particular gym or health and fitness center.

Aim Lower. If you know you just want access to basic gym equipment like a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and you might want to take a few fitness classes or two, paying $40 a month at some large and extravagant gym may not be the best decision. Instead, you can get access to all of the equipment you need at a much smaller gym chain or by enrolling in a YMCA. Their membership rates are much cheaper than larger chain gyms.

Be a Plus One. Lastly like mentioned before, most gyms allow members to add on a family member or friend to their plan at a discounted rate. YOU can be that friend or family member. Ask around to those you know that have memberships and see if there is any way you can get added on.

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