Deciding Whether To Purchase A New Or Used Luxury Car

by Leon on May 21, 2014

new or used luxury carThe thing about cars is that they will always lose value. Plus, newer and more luxurious cars will always be hitting the market. So, do you purchase a brand new luxury vehicle at the top of the price range or do you save a little bit of money and go with a used luxury car? Of course, there is the social stigma surrounding used luxury vehicles, but should that matter if you are on a budget and want a car that is little more comfortable than the run of the mill sedan? Indeed, it should hardly matter, but these are important considerations to make. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between a new or used luxury car.

First and foremost, it is important to know that cars lose a significant amount of value as soon as they roll off the lot. If you are paying top dollar for a luxury vehicle, you could be losing a lot of money. By purchasing a used luxury vehicle, however, the resale value and market evaluation has leveled off, so you won’t need to worry about losing too much money in depreciation. Also, in the realm of the auto industry, a car that is merely a year old is yesterday’s news, so you can often get a better deal on a used luxury vehicle.

Nevertheless, when you purchase a new luxury vehicle, it usually comes with more services and creature comforts. For instance, your new car may come with a warranty that allows you to come in and get your car tuned up and inspected whenever you want. Plus, you can take your vehicle in if there should be any mechanical problems. And that’s another thing, newer luxury vehicles will have less mechanical problems than used luxury vehicles – much less. If you purchase a used Mercedes or BMW, you may be dealing with more breakdowns, which can be expensive, especially if you have a complicated European engine with rare parts.

Next, newer luxury vehicles have more amenities. As far as technology goes, newer luxury cars have more advanced features – from sleek new sound systems to sensor controlled breaks. While older luxury vehicles still have some amazing features, they may be dated compared to today’s technology. Yet, when it comes to the price comparison between new and used luxury vehicles, you may be willing to forgo many of these features

Lastly, when deciding between buying a luxury car or a used luxury car, you want to keep a few things in mind. When it comes down to it, you may simply want to go with a dependable car. While new luxury vehicles are nice and reliable, the price may not be justifiable. Also, older, used luxury vehicles may be too dated and they may end up exhibiting signs mechanical failure. So, your best option may be to visit a dealership, like Warren Toyota, to pick up a reliable vehicle that is affordable and a blast to drive. In the end, do you really need the nicest car on the block? – It may be more impressive if you have the most eco-friendly car on the block.


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