Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For a Raise

by Pam on February 3, 2011

Many Canadian women who work outside the home are paid less than their male colleagues even if they do the same job.  One of the main reasons for this is that most women never ask for a raise.  They work really hard and hope that someone will acknowledge their accomplishments, but many times this just does not happen.  Men, on the other hand, are generally less reluctant to ask for an increase in pay.

Knowing that your raise will be based on your overall performance, the most important thing is to prepare before arranging a meeting with your boss.  Think of concrete examples during your time as an employee with the company where you displayed outstanding behaviors and had above average results.   Do not be boastful, but rather let the numbers/outcomes speak for themselves.

Also, choosing the right time to talk to your boss is important.  Select a time when they are least likely to be busy and make an appointment in advance.  Generally it’s best to avoid Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

Once you have prepared adequately, go into the meeting with confidence in your abilities.   Remind your boss of your qualifications and how you have been an asset to the company.  And don’t limit your request to a pay increase if there are other things on your mind.  For instance, if you need to work more flexible hours or you have a concern about health benefits, don’t hesitate to bring these matters up as well.

Although it does take courage and can seem a bit intimidating, it is worth it to ask for what will make your job more manageable and rewarding.  Why should you settle for less than what you are worth?


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