Do Not Buy More Than You Need Even If It Is Cheaper

by Pam on August 5, 2011

Sometimes it is easy to get suckered into buying more than we need because the price sometimes drops when you buy more.  However, if you end up buying more than you need and you end up letting some go to waste, then you have really not saved any money at all.

For example, one time my husband and I were really hungry and we stopped at a grocery store.  The lady behind the counter was selling various flavors of chicken wings and she managed to persuade us to buy two pounds  of them!  You see, the price dropped by a dollar a pound if we bought at least two pounds.  Her argument was you might as well get two pounds since the price drops.

Due to our hunger and the desire to save a few bucks, we went for the two pounds.  Of course it was too much for us, and we sheepishly realized that we were kind of silly to buy so many.  Thankfully, in this case, we were still able to make use of them by eating the leftovers for supper, but unfortunately often times buying too much of something just leads to waste.

So the next time you shop, consider how much you truly need of something, and buy only that much.  There’s no point in going for a really good deal if you know it will end up in the garbage.

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