Do Not Go Shopping When You Are Lazy Or Hungry

by Pam on March 11, 2011

Many people will advise you not to go grocery shopping when you are hungry because you will end up buying more than you anticipated.  I completely agree as I have discovered firsthand that this is exactly what happens if I shop on an empty stomach.  Anything that looks remotely edible becomes appealing and I end up buying a whole lot of items that I never would have even considered under normal circumstances.

Laziness while shopping is just as bad as being hungry, but this goes far beyond grocery shopping.  I find that if I am in a lazy mood I am far less careful with the purchases I make regardless of whether I am shopping for clothes, groceries, or other miscellaneous items.  Normally I make a sport of finding the best prices for the things I am buying, but if I am feeling lazy, I will likely just pick up the first item I see without bothering to compare prices between the different brands.  This lack of care while shopping can cost you a serious amount of money.

So, before heading out the door to do your shopping, make sure your hunger is satisfied and that you are in an energetic mood.  If you are tired or you are feeling really lazy, postpone your shopping errands for another time.  You will save a lot of money by making it a habit to shop on a full stomach and with plenty of spare energy.  Especially with the increased cost of food prices these days, every little bit of savings helps.  We might as well make the most of our hard-earned money.

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