Do You Have A Bucket List?

by Pam on November 9, 2010

Everyone needs to have a bucket list – a list comprised of things you want to accomplish in your life before your time is up.   By writing down all the things you want to see and do, you are much more likely to achieve some if not all of your goals.  Keep your list in a safe place, and every once in a while, glance at it and see how you are doing.  This way you won’t lose track and you will be more motivated to continue on towards achieving your goals.

Some items on your bucket such as owning a cabin at the lake or saving for your children’s post secondary education will involve saving a fair amount of money, while some of your other goals may not be related to your finances.

Whatever the financial goals on your bucket list, it is imperative that you start saving now in order to achieve those goals.  Be really honest with yourself.  Do some calculations to determine how much these things will cost.  If you want to own a piece of land beside the ocean, how much will you need to save every paycheck in order to make it a reality?  And at what age would you like to achieve this goal?  Knowing your desired timeframe helps you to determine just how aggressively you need to be saving.

Every one has unique goals and dreams.  Most, if not all of your dreams are attainable if you work hard enough.  Don’t settle for just the status quo, a blah life.  Instead, step out and do the things you’ve always dreamed of.  The first step is to write them down, so start your bucket list today!

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