Do You Have The Characteristics Of A Wealthy Person?

by Pam on October 6, 2010

Have you ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to be wealthy?  Well, if you are curious, there is an interesting quiz you can take to find out.

Based on various research studies done in the past, there are all sorts of interesting tidbits about the qualities of people who are wealthy.  For instance, did you know that optimists do better financially than pessimists, however if you are too optimistic you may be prone to spend more than you should?

Another interesting fact is that really smart people, with IQs of 130 or higher aren’t necessarily all that smart when it comes to their finances.  Being intelligent in other areas does not necessarily mean you will be smart with your money.

Strangely enough, your appearance also has an impact on your financial success.  Slim people supposedly have a higher net worth than heavy people, and good-looking folks are twice as likely to make an above average income than their homely peers.

Having siblings can also impact your future financial success.  The more siblings you have, the poorer you will likely end up.  If you are an only child, you are more likely to have twice the net worth as someone with three siblings.  Very interesting.

Here’s some motivation for you: Half of wealthy folks exercise regularly, about two to three times per week, whereas only about a quarter of poorer folks exercise on a regular basis.

For more interesting tidbits of the quirks and lifestyle habits of the affluent, take the quiz and see if you have the right characteristics to become wealthy someday.

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