Don’t Buy Clothes Just Because They’re On Sale

by Pam on May 25, 2009

don't buy clothes just because they're on saleSo often when I go shopping I am tempted to buy clothes that are on sale, even if I am not sure I will ever actually wear them.  At the time, it seems perfectly logical.  The clothes are cheap!!! 🙂  What I have come to realize is that I still need to force myself to consider the same criteria for clearance items that I would use for regular priced items.  I have to ask myself:  Do I really like this item?  Where would I wear it?  What could I wear it with? Does the color suit me?  Do I really need it?  If I can satisfactorily answer all of the above, then it truly is a good deal.  If not, then no matter how cheap the item is, it is actually expensive because it means I spent money on something I will never use.

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