Easy Ways To Save Extra Money

by Pam on October 6, 2017

At times it can seem like no matter how much we earn, we end up leaking money like an old boat riddled with holes. “I can’t have spent that much last month!” we’ll exclaim, staring open-mouthed in horror at our bank statements and visiting best.creditcard for a new credit card.

As freeing up money to put into our savings is one of the most important financial skills to manage, here are some tips for doing just that.

Cancel subscriptions you can do without

Virtually everyone has subscription services they’re signed up to but aren’t using — or, at least, aren’t using enough to justify the expense.  Do an audit of your own subscriptions and be honest with yourself. Are you signed up the gym but never go? Could you cancel that subscription and get your exercise at home, or in the park?

Or maybe you have a Spotify account because you like the idea of having access to all your favourite music on the go, but virtually never even open up the app?  Find unused subscriptions and cancel them. You can always reactivate them later if you want to.

Order your groceries online

While it’s always possible to find cheaper deals on groceries at outdoor markets and the like, the majority of people will still get their groceries from the store, and will normally want to get the task over with as quickly as possible.  What this usually means is grabbing the first things you see, from the first shop you pass, that tick the right boxes.

Ordering your groceries online allows you the space to compare prices between different companies and brands, choose which products you’re going to buy strategically, and plan your weekly shopping in one go, with a single budget in mind.  Of course, there’s also the added benefit that the groceries find their way to your front door as if by magic.

Discover the magic of the packed lunch

Eating out, even if it’s just a sandwich on the way to work every morning, can be one of the biggest financial drains for the average person. All those small expenses add up over time and the final price tag per year can be stunning.  One of the best money-saving practices you can pick up is discovering the magic of the packed lunch. For only a fraction of the cost of a store-bought sandwich, you can make your own, wrap them up, put them in a bag and take them out with you. The same goes for brewing your own flask of coffee, or even packing your own three-course meal in a set of Tupperware.

Cycle and walk more, drive less

Cycling and walking are more than just great ways of getting more exercise, they’re also great ways of saving money.  Fuel costs for a car can add up dramatically over time. Why not save your trusty automobile for longer trips, and use your feet or bicycle for local jaunts down to the shop?


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