Eating At A Seafood Buffet Is Cheaper Than Buying Seafood At Retail Prices

by Pam on August 15, 2011

Most of the time it costs more to eat out at a restaurant then to eat at home, especially when you consider the taxes and tip, but it all depends on what you are planning to eat.  For instance, if you are craving crab legs and you go to your local grocery store, you will discover that paying retail price for crab legs is extremely expensive.  If you want to eat crab legs, you are better off going to an all-you-can-eat buffet that serves crab legs, where you can enjoy as much crab as you like plus other dishes as well.

However, for lobster, we have found that it is cheaper to eat it at home by steaming it or boiling it ourselves, rather than eating it at a restaurant.  Of course, we may just not have stumbled upon the right lobster restaurant yet, as there may be some that are more affordable.  I have yet to find a lobster buffet anywhere, but I am told there are some in Nova Scotia.  I would love to check it out sometime.

When it comes to shrimp, you may be able to eat out for less than if you pay retail price for shrimp.  That would really depend, though, on the amount of shrimp you want to eat.  There are a lot of restaurant that serve all-you-can-eat shrimp, so if you are really hungry, it may be cheaper to eat out than to buy a lot of shrimp.

Buffets are usually the best bang for your buck as you can always be full when you leave the restaurant, and buffets are usually the most affordable in terms of getting what you pay for.  When it comes to seafood especially, eating at a buffet is key, otherwise, it might still be cheaper just to buy it at retail prices in your local grocery store.

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