Evaluate Your Bank Accounts

by Pam on May 4, 2009

It is really important to take a close look at your current banking products to see if they are working for you.  For instance, if you look at your bank statements for the past few months, are you being charged monthly fees or transaction fees?  If so, contact your financial institution to see if they have a product that meets your needs that doesn’t charge fees or that is more suited to your use of the account.  Often financial institutions improve their products and it is up to you to make the most of these improvements.  Although you will often receive mailings from your bank or credit union, if you don’t pay attention, you could miss out on something that could benefit you.  That’s why it’s important to ask!!!

If you are a student or a senior citizen, check with your financial institution to see if they have products specifically designed for you.  Often seniors and students qualify for products without any banking fees.  Don’t be passive when it comes to banking.  Always look at your statements or better yet, sign up for online banking so you can keep on top of things.  Ask for a fee schedule so you are fully aware of the limitations (if there are any) on your account.  With a little work on your part, you can minimize (if not eliminate) your banking fees.

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