EzTrader Is Not A Scam

by Sean on September 21, 2016

In the financial world it is eminently easy to worry about the idea that a website or service you are using is a scam. In particular, brokers and other trading companies must be trusted with a large amount of money for their clients to use the service and see dividends. This means that a level of suspicion when first learning about a company is healthy.

However, a cursory look at EZtrader will prove EZtrader 100% not a scam. To explain exactly why this is, we need to define a scam. In the trading world, a scam is typically carried out by an illegitimate business that does not provide what it claims to offer to its clients.

EZtrader is regulated by the CySEC, or Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. As part of the European Union, the CySEC ensures that all CySEC regulated brokers comply with the European Union’s rules and laws on trading. In other words, a CySEC regulated binary options broker like EZtrader cannot scam you any more than a regulated binaryo options broker in another EU country can: that is to say, not at all.

With that said, there’s the matter of EZtrader actually providing the services it claims to offer. In this respect, EZtrader is also not a scam. As a binary options broker, EZtrader provides the option to invest in assets, commodities, currencies and stocks. It provides two simple options for this purpose: calling or putting.

In the most basic of terms, a binary options broker either provides a fixed monetary payout, or no payout at all, depending on the outcome of one’s investment. The amount paid out, and the minimum investment, varies from broker to broker. EZtrader provides a decent 72% to 90% payout, and provides a very reasonable minimum investment of $25.

There is no guarantee of immediate success when making investments small or large on EZtrader. There is an element of risk that you will not get a large payout, or any payout at all, with your first investments, but this does not necessarily mean that you are being “scammed”! It is simply a difficult part of trading. In fact, EZtrader offers some guidance of its own for those who are only just entering the trading world.

In the case of a binary options broker like EZtrader, the matter is even simpler: rather than tracking your investments as they rise and fall and meticulously keeping track of what happens, you either receive a payout or you do not. Of course, if you already do this with other brokers, EZtrader will fit in very easily: it has a mobile app that lets you examine and invest on the go.

As long as you understand what a binary options broker provides, there is no risk of being “scammed” in any way. Whether you found this article helpful, or already knew much of this, the bottom line is this: EZtrader is not a scam. For more information on how EZtrader works and what it provides, see here.

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