Fight For Your Money – Full of Great Money Saving Tips

by Pam on October 4, 2009

Fight For Your Money: How To Stop Getting Ripped Off And Save A Fortune by David Bach

learn ways to save money by reading David Bach's Fight For Your MoneyDavid Bach’s book Fight For Your Money is a must read for anyone looking for smarter ways to use their money for traveling, car rentals, banking, car repairs, health insurance, and many other aspects of daily life.  It’s easy to read and is organized by subject so you can easily find the information that interests you.

The book covers information on buying a home, mortgages, and remodeling and would be a good section to read if you are looking to buy or build a home in the near future.  Bach also discusses topics surrounding credit such as your credit score, credit cards, and he also touches on identity theft.

If you are into cable TV or satellite TV, you will find Bach’s information useful.  He discusses ways to save money on your cell phone service as well.

I especially enjoyed reading about his tips on traveling.  He listed several websites that he recommended for finding good deals on airfare such as and  He also advised travelers to ask a lot of questions as the airfare now has so many added fees for everything that it’s important to know what you are paying for.

For parents saving up for their children’s post secondary education, there is a very informative section about RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plans) that Canadians will find useful.  Bach provides tips on not being too conservative, and recommends that you start saving as early as possible instead of waiting until your children are older.

I highly recommend that you check out this book as it is informative, practical, and easy to understand.  Bach uses everyday language to explain each topic and all the topics he discusses are relevant and timely.  There’s something in this book that will interest everyone whether they are young or old.

I will likely be writing more articles around things I’ve gleamed from this book in the near future.  Please share your thoughts on this book when you get the chance to read it.

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